Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


One in four Americans have learned using Houghton Mifflin Harcourt School Division programs, which include science, reading, language arts, mathematics, and social studies for grades K-8, as well as an integrated pre-K curriculum, reading and math intervention, and professional development. The Houghton Mifflin School Division merged with Harcourt School Publishers in 2007 and today is one of the largest educational publishing houses in the US.

K–12 Literature & Language Arts

HMH language arts programs focus on grammar, usage, spelling, handwriting, and mechanics.


K–12 Mathematics

HMH’s programs build skills and conceptual understanding in grades


K–12 Reading

HMH reading offerings include ELL instruction, targeted intervention, concise lesson plans, and assessment.


K–12 Science

From life and Earth science to biology, chemistry, physics and more, curious learners explore the world around them and dive deep into the laws of science.


K–12 Social Studies Inspire Tomorrow's World Citizens

Students learn of the vivid stories and tapestry of cultures that make up today’s world.


Jolly Phonics


This independent UK-based publisher has been creating phonics and grammar materials since 1987. Using a child-centered approach, Jolly Phonics aims to teach students the necessary letter sound and blending techniques in a fun and enjoyable way. Also feature a series of grammar resources, as well as a popular Finger Phonics series, and many more colorful and fun resources designed to improve literacy.


Jolly Phonics is a child-centered approach to teaching literacy in a fun and meaningful way. Each book in the series focuses on a specific set of sounds, focusing on 5 key skills for reading and writing. Students focus on letter sounds, letter formation, blending, identifying word sounds, and tricky words, with sounds introduced in a specific order that maximizes student progress.

フォニックス教材(Phonics Books)


Jolly Grammar provides active, multi-sensory resources to help guide student understanding to how grammar works. Jolly Grammar uses colors and actions to help children identify parts of speech, and teaches a wide range of spelling and punctuation rules. Teacher books also available that are filled with fun ideas and a systematic way to teach grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

文法教材(Grammar Books)

Teacher Created Materials


Teacher Created Materials publishes educational materials including professional development resources to support all content areas for Grades K-12

Early Childhood

Early childhood education products from Teacher Created Materials are developmentally-appropriate materials that focus on the necessary phonics, phonemic awareness, and word recognition skills beginning students need to unlock words, build comprehension and ultimately be successful. Additionally, we offer engaging, thematic-based materials that help young students make connections to the world around them.

More than 3 years old subject


From content-area literacy to mathematics intervention, math products from Teacher Created Materials develop procedural proficiency while building conceptual understanding of key concepts. We focus on basic skills, including number sense and patterns, as well as higher-level reasoning and algebraic thinking. All with the goal of helping teachers and students meet today's rigorous standards.



Teacher Created Materials creates products to help teachers instill a love of reading in all students and to make the teaching of reading engaging and effective. Our product line starts with our earliest readers and progresses to offer materials as diverse as text sets, reader's theater, nonfiction and fiction, vocabulary development, and content-area readers. And we have product designed specifically for a variety of intervention settings.



From content-area literacy to inquiry-based instruction, science products from Teacher Created Materials build content knowledge while supporting reading and writing skills. We support your budding scientists with high interest graphics and hands-on activities across Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science topics. And everything we create supports the 5E model of instruction, as well as new science standards.


Social Studies

Teacher Created Materials' social studies products include primary sources, literary and historical texts, simulations, and reader's theater scripts all with the goal deepening students' understanding of key people, places and events while building document-based assessment and critical thinking skills. And as with everything we create, our products will help students improve their content-area reading and writing skills.



Create rich opportunities for developing writing within the context of content-area reading, oral discussion, and vocabulary development. Products from Teacher Created Materials will help teachers improve student writing through analysis, reflection, research, and response to reading. We include exemplars and models of strong writing with key genre such as narrative, informative, persuasive, argumentative, and poetry while supporting traits of good writing, writer's workshop, and the writing process.


IB Library


Pearson Baccalaureate’s comprehensive resources support the complete IB learning journey, from PYP (Primary Years Programme) to MYP (Middle Years Programme) and Diploma level. Whether you’re looking for printed books, interactive eBooks or websites, Pearson Baccalaureate has the resources to support you.

SmartEd can also assist you with any other IB resources you may be interested in from publishers like Oxford, Haese Mathematics, etc.

Curriculum Associates


For more than 35 years, educators have trusted the BRIGANCE® family of assessment, screening, and instructional tools to help them meet the needs of their students.

Brigance is divided into three product families: Special Education, Early Childhood, and Head Start. In addition to screening, assessment, and age-appropriate instructional tools, each program offers online data management and reporting capabilities.

Cars & Stars

The Cars & Stars program improves students’ reading comprehension through a combination of assessment and instruction on 12 core skills.

Teachers use the Cars & Stars program to:

• Identify reading comprehension needs

• Deliver targeted lessons to address those needs

• Measure student progress

Haese Mathematics

Haese Mathematics


Haese Mathematics is a small, family-owned publishing company in Australia specializing in Mathematics textbooks and accompanying software for schools and students.
In 2004, Haese launched new textbooks for the IB Diploma Mathematics courses which, along with their Middle Years texts, have been enthusiastically received by teachers in 2000 schools spread across 120 different countries around the world.
Haese also offers textbooks for the Cambridge IGCSE International Mathematics course.



One of the premier publishers in research-based reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, and vocabulary programs. Recently, Zaner-Bloser launched Voices Reading, the first program to combine systematic, comprehensive literacy with character education. In addition, the company also publishes award-winning programs including Strategies for Writers and Read for Real: Nonfiction Strategies for Reading Results. Its handwriting program has been a national institution for generations. An extensive selection of Leveled Readers are also available.


The first K-6 reading program to embed character development within systematic, comprehensive literacy instruction.The program's innovative use of instructional read-alouds and theme-based character development concepts inspire young learners to reflect, express, and connect literacy instrucion to their lives.



Strategies for Writers is a proven-effective, research-based program that powers the writing process and provides students with the tools for developing lifelong skills and success in all areas of writing. Students can immediately apply strategies from the program to all of their classwork. It integrates the 6 traits of writing for becoming
well-rounded writers, has rubric-based instruction for self-assessment, as well as a test-writing chapter for every unit to help students to perform better on tests.