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At SmartEd, our staff have year years of experience dealing with international school programs, and are ready to help consult with school on their educational materials needs. This includes textbooks, online materials, library, school supplies, and school furniture.

インターナショナルスクール向け 「海外教材・教育事業コンサルティング」 について|海外教材の教育コンサルティングと教材導入支援・販売を行う株式会社スマーテッドは、インターナショナルスクール向け教材に精通しています。

SmartEd deals with most major educational publishers around the world to give schools a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing textbooks for your program.

Our staff can make recommendations for materials based on your curriculum and school profile, whether that be US Common Core, International Baccalaureate, UK National Curriculum, or others. Other popular program material request that we receive are for Singapore math programs, readers from Australia, and IT materials from the UK.

Putting together a new school library

東京グローバルゲートウェイ実績_インターナショナルスクール向け 「海外教材・教育事業コンサルティング」 について|海外教材の教育コンサルティングと教材導入支援・販売を行う株式会社スマーテッドは、インターナショナルスクール向け教材に精通しています。

Putting together a new school library can a daunting task, but we can help simplify the process. SmartEd can provide full library services to help you set up a new library quickly based on your school’s needs.

We consult with schools to find out what they focus on, what their curriculum covers, any special needs or requests they have, and also budget for the library project.  Based on that, our staff compile a recommended list of library books to meet the school’s needs, then we order the books and ship in from around the world. Library processing, furniture, and layout suggestions are also available as a part of our services. 

Online materials


Online materials_International School Consulting|SmartEd Inc. is a provider of educational consulting, support and sales of educational materials for international schools in Japan.Online materials are quickly becoming an integral part of many schools’ programs, at we SmartEd have a variety of programs that we can recommend. Online diagnostic and instruction programs such as i-Ready are powerful tools for both administrators and teachers, providing indispensable data on student levels and progress through the year. Online reading programs such as Raz-Plus provide a large collection of material for reading practice at an unbeatable price. Science programs such as Gizmos and Science4US provide virtual science simulations and instruction brining real life science to every student’s device.

Please feel free to contact our office for any educational materials questions or needs you may have.