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Haese Mathematics

Haese Mathematics(ヘイス・マスマティックス)|

A family-owned publisher based in Australia, Haese Mathematics has been creating high quality education resources since 1979. Haese Mathematics specializes in mathematics textbooks, with textbooks geared toward International Baccalaureate students and Australian Curriculum students. Haese also features Cambridge Assessment and UK Curricula as well.

In addition to printed texts, Haese also produces convenient and useful digital products such as their Infinity and Snowflake platforms. The Infinity platform provides teachers with convenient test and workbook generators, while the Snowflake platform brings textbooks online, and gives students and teachers access to interactive demonstrations and games.

Haese Focus

  • Respected, family-owned publisher focusing on mathematics resources for International Baccalaureate and Australian Curriculum students.
  • Snowflake online digital platform providing digital access to textbooks, along with animated demonstrations and games.
  • Infinity software gives teachers a useful and convenient tool to easily generate tests and workbooks.
Australian Curriculum
Digital Book_Haese Mathematics|SmartEd Inc. is a provider of educational consulting, support and sales of educational materials for international schools.
Digital Book
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Please leave a proposal request for teaching materials.