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Developed by Curriculum Associates, i-Ready makes differentiated instruction a reality for teachers and students in both math and reading. i-Ready utilizes a powerful intuitive system whose pieces were built from the ground up to work together, providing teachers with the tools they need to ensure all students are on a path to success.

i-Ready Diagnostic provides teachers with rich data to enable them to gain a deeper understanding of individual student needs. Based on industry-leading research in assessment design, teachers are provided with a suite of intuitive reports that share a common language for easy understanding.

i-Ready Instruction delivers powerful online lessons that motivate students on their path to success. Driven by data from the i-Ready Diagnostic, i-Ready’s online K-8 lessons provide tailored instruction that discovers where students are and encourages them as they develop new skills.

i-Ready Focus

  • Differentiated instruction that meets students where they are and encourages them along the way
  • Diagnostic reports and data based on industry-leading research
  • Online K-8 lessons that utilize i-Ready Diagnostic data to deliver meaningful lessons to each student.

Focus Products

  • i-Ready Diagnostic for Reading and Math
  • i-Ready Instruction for Reading and Math
  • Ready Teacher Toolbox