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Little Baby Bum [DVD] Series

「DVD] Little Baby Bum series [0-7 years old] Little Baby Bum DVD with picture book

The kids are so hooked that they can’t stop talking about it!
It’s a familiar melody, so it comes naturally to you!

〔DVD〕Little Baby Bum|overseas educational materials, to overseas books for libraries, to the introduction of furniture for educational facilities SmartEd Inc.

One of the most popular channels for kids entertainment, Little Baby Bum provides a wealth of content for young kids to enjoy. At SmartEd, we’ve collected songs that kids will love to sing along with and will allow them to learn basic vocabulary and phrases as they sing. Arranged into two DVD’s, the Little Baby Bum videos cover content such as colors, shapes, numbers, seasons, weather, and a lot more. 

Recommended for kids age 0-7, these DVD’s are great to playing videos in your car or at home. The second DVD comes with a picture book insert that kids can look at as they sing along. All kids can enjoy learning English while singing along with the Little Baby Bum DVDs!


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