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MM Publications

MM Publications specializes in English Language Teaching (ELT) books and e-learning materials. With popular series such as Top Stars, Get Smart, and Explorer, MM is dedicated to developing comprehensive and easy-to-use resources from primary age students all the way up to adult learners.

On top of their core textbooks, MM also provides grammar, skills development, and online resources that help learners to master potentially challenging areas from their studies. With American and British editions available across their course lineup, you can easily choose materials to suit your program.

MM Publications Focus:

·       ELT textbooks for Pre-K-12 and adult learners.

·        Producing core textbooks and supplementary materials that are easy to use but also in-depth to the subject matter.

·        Online resources such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Online Placement Tests, and teacher-oriented learning        Webinars.