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Reflex Math

Reflex Math|SmartEd Inc. is a provider of educational consulting, support and sales of educational materials for international schools.

Reflex Math gives students a powerful resource to increase math fact fluency and confidence.  Students earn stars by completing fun and compelling games that allow them to be able answer math questions instantly. The adaptive program allows all students to improve no matter of their ability level, and gives them additional practice in their weaker skill areas, while getting less practice in areas where they are already fluent.

Reflex Math also provides teachers with a simple and powerful reporting tool that allows them to monitor student progress, and see the fluency level of each individual student and class.

Reflex Math Focus

  • Interactive Math games designed to increase math fact fluency and confidence for students

  • Intuitive and adaptive system allows students to focus on their individual areas of need, in a fun and confidence-building environment.

  •  Simple and powerful reporting resource for teachers, allowing them to track student performance, and identify areas where individual students may need more instruction.