SmartReads Book Club

Many schools and parents want to enjoy an English book club, but there can be many headaches when it comes to overseas support and shipping. SmartEd has the solution with SmartReads. Supplementary materials and programs are a huge help to a teacher in the classroom. Here in Japan amongst international schools, which get a higher percentage of their resources from overseas, it can be a struggle to easily access what they want from overseas programs. One big case in point is book clubs. But we’re here to help! Do you need to cover many interests? Perhaps world cultures, or poetry?...

Studycat – 2021 “LBP Technology Award”

SmartEd would like to extend a congratulations to our partners at Studycat for winning the “Best Innovative Tech Product” by Loved By Parents! The LBP Awards highlights programs and products that are highly reviewed by their staff and viewers, which number over 6 million on a monthly basis. With Studycat’s fun and creative approach to language teaching, it’s no wonder they are able to receive stellar reviews for their products. We look forward to more success in the future! For more on the awards, click here.

Jolly Phonics Training Seminars, Summer 2021

This summer, if you’re looking to receive training in Jolly Learning materials, check out the list of training seminars hosted in Japan on the Jolly Learning website. Three seminars covering Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar 1 are currently available. All listed events are hosted by official Jolly trainers. Please note that while you will receive a certificate of participation, these training seminars do not count as official accreditation by Jolly Learning. Check the link below for more information on how you can sign up today! Jolly Phonics Training in Japan

Promethean – 2021 “Classroom Tech Solution of the Year”

We at SmartEd would like to extend a congratulations to our brilliant partners at Promethean for winning “Classroom Tech Solution of the Year” by EdTech Breakthrough Awards 2021! The EdTech Breakthrough Awards highlight companies and technologies that drive innovation through the industry. Promethean’s presence in over one million classrooms, plus the development of their ActivPanel Element Series and ActivInspire software, made them a natural candidate for the award. The Promethean team continues to show why they are a global leader in educational technology and innovation. Way to go guys! For more on the award, click here.