SmartEd Teams Up with Takumi & Associates

Today, we are pleased to announce the start of our new partnership with Takumi & Associates. Takumi & Associates was established in 2018 to provide advisory and business management services to international schools in the Asia Pacific Region. By Takumi joining with SmartEd, we will create the largest Japan-based provider of international school supplies, textbooks, furniture, and equipment by combining our resources into one bilingual team of business, procurement, and logistics experts. Thus enabling us to fully meet the needs of any international school throughout Asia. 

Whether an institution needs advice on provision management, design and construction of school facilities, or supply of all the furniture, equipment and materials needed to operate a school, our team will be able to be a complete turn-key solution for any school in the region. 

For anyone wanting to know more about the services our partnership can provide, please reach out to us at

The Alliance Benefits to Schools

Combined Resources

This new collaboration means the combined Takumi and SmartEd teams can support your needs from the establishment of a new school to the outfitting and operations of your existing campus.

School Supply Business

Effective April 1, 2024 Takumi Associates has transferred its school supply business to SmartEd, a Kyoto-based company with more than 12 years experience servicing international schools.

Procurement of Furniture & Equipment

Takumi will continue to focus on both the Advisory and Space Planning businesses, and work closely with SmartEd in the procurement of furniture & equipment from Japan and around the world.